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Designed for those in positions of operational leadership in medical imaging

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This is a 6-part series designed for those in positions of operational leadership in medical imaging (or aligned data-rich environments such as radiation therapy or laboratory medicine). 
Who will benefit from this course?
Those who will realize the greatest benefit are those in clinical environments where data might be available but has yet to be harnessed in a way that can optimally inform operational decisions at all levels, from point-of-care to strategic oversight.
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Introduction to Business Intelligence in Medical Imaging

  • Justifying decisions
  • Recognize how data can help
  • Recognize opportunities for analytic tools
  • 60-minutes

Data and Evidence-Based Practice

  • Role of data and analytics
  • Standardization in imaging
  • Increase engagement
  • Implement practice change
  • 75-minutes

Performance Management Frameworks

  • Key components of a performance management framework
  • Facilitate performance management
  • 35-minutes

Telling the Data Story in Medical Imaging

  • Identify data story components and stakeholders
  • Articulate relationship to operational or strategic initiative
  • Leverage the data story in change management
  • 22-minutes

Using Patient Experience Data to Drive Healthcare Improvement

  • Types of patient experience data
  • Leveraging patient engagement
  • Integrate data and feedback into practical improvements
  • 45-minutes

Working with Data in Medical Imaging

  • Integrating evaluation planning with a project plan
  • Data collection methods to address specific challenges
  • Effective data visualization in decision-making
  • Limitations of operations modeling
  • 75-minutes

Business Intelligence Bundle

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Business Intelligence in Medical Imaging: Master Class

A master class in Business Intelligence is available through our Advanced Imaging Education Centre (AIEC)

This RADUCATE course is an excerpt from the AIEC broader "Business Intelligence in Medical Imaging" course that is designed to equip leaders in medical imaging and aligned practice environments to lead in a data-driven world.