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the 10 

Collections of 10 curated cases around a unique theme
  • Learn around a theme
  • Self-assessment
  • Active learning

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Improve your understanding of Head and Neck imaging
  • Many FREE tutorials
  • Anatomy
  • Self-assessment

Business Intelligence

Keeping the lights on in your department and providing the highest patient care in the country.
  • Limited series
  • Medical imaging leadership
  • Data-driven

Foundations Curriculum

Build your diagnostic and problem-solving skills with training that mirrors practice.
  • Full DICOM cases
  • Peer-to-peer
  • On-call prep
  • Board prep

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Focus your learning by your  specialty
Currently available:
  • Abdo imaging
  • MSK imaging
  • Neuro imaging
RADUCATE channels

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the 10

Coming Soon!

Collections of 10 cases around a unique theme

Full DICOM images

  • Full DICOM viewer
  • Scroll through cases
  • See pathology in context


  • Case-based learning
  • Annotated images
  • Key findings


  • Take as "unknowns"
  • Test your knowledge
  • Prepare for rounds/boards
  • MOC self-assessment credits

Unique themes

  • Organized by sub-specialty
  • Experience a range of pathology and presentations


  • Basic to advanced topics
  • Many FREE courses
  • Full DICOM sets to practice your skills


  • CT imaging atlas
  • MRI imaging atlas

Diagnostic Strategy

  • Diagnostic search patterns, concepts & tips


Dedicated to providing high quality educational materials and diagnostic tips in head and neck imaging.

Business Intelligence

6-part series designed for those in positions of operational leadership in medical imaging:

  • 1. Introduction to Business Intelligence in Medical Imaging
  • 2. Data and Evidence-Based Practice
  • 3. Performance Management Frameworks
  • 4. Telling the Data Story in Medical Imaging
  • 5. Using Patient Experience Data to Drive Healthcare Improvement
  • 6. Working with Data in Medical Imaging

Foundations Curriculum

Build your diagnostic and problem-solving skills with training that mirrors practice.

  • Peer-to-peer teaching and learning
  • Hands-on learning with embedded DICOM viewer
  • Prepare for after-hours call shifts
  • Active learning


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