Lesson series

Introduction to Business Intelligence in Medical Imaging

Part 1: Business Intelligence
The stakeholders, the data and the analytical tools behind decision making in medical imaging.


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Medical Imaging leadership


Business Intelligence,
Part 1


60 minutes



Become a More Effective Leader

This is the first session in a 6-part series within our Business Intelligence channel. This series is designed for those in positions of operational leadership in medical imaging (or aligned data-rich environments such as radiation therapy or laboratory medicine). 

Who will benefit from this course?

Those who will realize the greatest benefit are those in clinical environments where data might be available but has yet to be harnessed in a way that can optimally inform operational decisions at all levels, from point-of-care to strategic oversight.
Lesson series

Introduction to Business Intelligence in Medical Imaging

By the end of this session, participants should be able to:

  • Appreciate the various accountabilities of medical imaging departments that require us to be able to justify our decisions (government, regulators, healthcare system, patients, etc.).
  • Recognize where data can mitigate assumptions, uncover unanticipated opportunities, and provide operational and strategic direction.
  • Recognize opportunities for the use of analytical tools within your clinical context and role
Our teachers

Meet our core team

Paul Cornacchione

Senior Director, Imaging Operations at University Health Network

Daniel Toubassy

business analyst, Project Manager at University Health Network
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Business Intelligence in Medical Imaging: Master Class

A master class in Business Intelligence is available through our Advanced Imaging Education Centre (AIEC)

This RADUCATE course is an excerpt from the AIEC broader "Business Intelligence in Medical Imaging" course that is designed to equip leaders in medical imaging and aligned practice environments to lead in a data-driven world.