Resident HQ

Welcome to the Radiology Resident Headquarters!

Collections for radiology residents

Learn by doing

The Resident HQ collections are designed to put you in the reading room with a fully functioning DICOM viewer.

Be the radiologist.

Build skills

This collection will help you prepare for the high-stakes activities during your residency:
  • Early rotations
  • After-hours call
  • OSCE exams

For your career

Go beyond the diagnosis!

Prepare for independent practice with our Practice Simulation program. Each Sim puts you in a unique practice environment with all of the tasks and skills of that environment.

Explore the Collection:

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Foundations Curriculum

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 Peer-to-peer teaching and mentoring
 Hands-on learning with embedded DICOM viewer
Prepare for after-hours call shifts
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New! 'ChatGPT tutor' with every case!


Full DICOM Cases


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 Practice for your next exam
 Timed stations
Answer keys included
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Practice Simulation

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 High-fidelity simulations within specific 'practice' environments
 Simulated RIS/PACS with embedded DICOM viewer
Train the way you practice
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