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Practice Simulation

High-fidelity | Embedded DICOM viewer | Assess developing competencies

Practice simulation opportunities:

These practice simulations are restricted to use in radiology training programs and are designed to assess developing competencies
Practice simulation

Emergency Radiology Simulator

High-fidelity simulation of an emergency radiology shift
*The ER Sim is an active exam that is geared towards assessing the developing emergency radiology competencies in radiology residents.

Only available to radiology programs. To enroll your radiology residents in the ER Sim, please send us a message to arrange.

Practice simulation


Radiology residents

Exam date

Set by each residency program


Available to residency programs only


4 hours



Please read this before your ER Sim:

What to expect:
The ER Simulation will place you in a simulated high-fidelity Emergency Radiology environment where you will work independently through a 4-hour Shift. During your shift you will work on a simulated RIS/PACS to protocol exams, provide preliminary reports on imaging studies and address a variety of other issues that may typically occur within this setting.

Be sure to carefully read all of the instructions provided within the simulation.

Please take time before your exam to review 2 important documents that you will need to interact with during the simulation (these sample docs will open in a new window): 

The documents you will use in the ER Sim are within the course materials (next section). These documents will be WORD documents for you to enter your work. Please download (or print out) each of these documents to your computer prior to starting the actual ER Sim (Section 01 of the exam is not included in the timed portion of the exam). At the end of the simulation, please submit both of these documents to your Program Director.

How to report:
Please spend some time reviewing the sample WORKFLOW document. The WORKFLOW document is to help you organize all of the activities during your shift. The WORKFLOW document in the actual ER Sim starts with a 'handover' of cases that you need to track during your shift.

When reporting cases in the simulated RIS/PACS, be sure to enter your PRELIMINARY REPORT and your DIAGNOSIS in the provided text boxes.

Your shift:
The diagnostic portion of your ER shift will be for 3 hours and 45 minutes. You will have an additional 15 minutes to complete your HANDOVER document.

Your answers:
Before you start your HANDOVER doc, you will see a completed DIAGNOSTIC Log. Please PRINT this log to PDF. Please e-mail your DIAGNOSTIC Log and your HANDOVER document to your Program Director for grading.