Experience Radiology

RadSim is an immersive radiology practice simulator that makes you the radiologist!
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Moving radiology education from instruction to DISCOVERY!

RadSim utilizes a specifically trained AI model to provide the highest AI-based tutoring and feedback, allowing for true high-fidelity practice simulation in radiology.

Experience Radiology

Real cases in a fully functional on-line DICOM viewer.

Virtual Tutor

Our educated AI-tutor will guide you through each case and answer your questions.

Medical Students

Stop falling asleep in the back of the reading room. Test your visual perception skills. Be the radiologist!

Radiology Residents/Fellows

On-demand clinically-based learning at the PACS. Develop an approach to cases, make a diagnosis, ask questions with our AI-tutor.

Practicing Radiologists

Learn new skills. Practice with us before you expand your practice!


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