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Foundations Week 1: Neuroradiology--Brain

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Foundations Curriculum

Week #1


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Prepare for the after-hours with these acute brain-imaging cases

  • Acute Infarction

    Review these topics before taking cases:
    • Intracranial vascular territories and vascular anatomy
    • Signs of acute/subacute infarction
    • Review the "ASPECTS" scoring system
  • Non-traumatic Hemorrhage

    Review these topics before taking cases:
    • Review the anatomy of the basal cisterns
    • Common etiologies of non-traumatic subarachnoid blood
    • Differential diagnosis of intracranial hemmhorage
    • Review the dural sinus and venous anatomy
  • Arterial Dissection

    Review these topics before taking cases:
    • Review normal anatomy of the extracranial carotid and vertebral arteries
    • Review most common location and findings for acute arterial dissection
  • Extra-axial Hemorrhage

    Review these topics before taking cases:
    • Types of extra-axial hemorrhage
    • Review evolution of blood products on CT
    • Review findings and complications of intracranial herniation
  • And more. . .

    • Hydrocephalus
    • Space-occupying lesions
    • Global Hypoxic-ischemia
    • Encephalitis
    • Toxicity
    • Carcinomatosis
    • Venous thrombosis

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