Lesson series

Cardiothoracic Imaging OSCE

Collection of timed Cardiothoracic Imaging OSCE stations with answer keys for self-study and board prep.
What you get

7 Stations

Time per station

15 minutes

Check your progress

Question forms & Answer keys




1 hour, 30 minutes



OSce bank

Prepare for your next OSCE with these practice exams! 

These practice OSCEs include:
  • 15-minute timed stations
  • Typical OSCE-style cases
  • Question forms and answer keys are embedded in each station to help you with your self-assessment
created by

University of Toronto Radiology Residents

Peer-to-peer education continues after our senior residents complete their training. All residents contribute one practice OSCE station to the residency program after completing residency to help their junior colleagues.